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Jan 28

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are videos worth?

by oglesby


You can find out here while watching our multitalented sales representatives give a video overview of ferns, ornamental grasses and Spathiphyllum offered by Oglesby.  Filmed at the recent Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition at Fort Lauderdale, Florida by Greenhouse Management magazine.

Here’s Ginger Goff presenting ferns, Val Bednarek on ornamental grasses and Wayne Poole on Spathiphyllum


Jan 14

Do Plants Think?

by oglesby

Ever wonder if plants think? Ever wonder what your plants think of you?

This fun little YouTube video gives you some food for thought on the subject… http://youtu.be/u2GWd2j3qJ8

Here’s another one you may enjoy… http://youtu.be/gZvTD9APDaM

Dec 22

Oglesby given the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award

by oglesby

Florida Governor Rick Scott recognized Oglesby Plants International with the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award.  This award is given to individuals and companies for their efforts in creating jobs and opportunities for Florida families. “It is an honor to present the Business Ambassador Award to Oglesby Plants International for their dedication to creating jobs and opportunities in their communities,” said Governor Scott. “Our goal is to create an opportunity economy in Florida where businesses can create jobs for generations to come, and I applaud Oglesby Plants International for the steps they are taking to make this goal a reality.”

“We have been committed to growing both our business and the local economy since 1947” says President Gary Hennen. “We now employ more than 90 employees, and this award is a tribute to their hard work and dedication.”

Pictured From left to right: Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, Attorney General Pam Bondi, David Oglesby, Governor Rick Scott, Mary Oglesby McKenzie, Gary Hennen and Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater.

Oct 09

Funky Natives

by oglesby

FunkyNative_NoBackgroundMerriam-Webster defines the word Funky as “having an earthly unsophisticated style and feeling; unconventionally stylish; hip” and that’s how we feel about our native plant offerings.  Look for this logo that identifies the stylishly unconventional yet hip native plants in our catalog.

Sep 22

Ornamental Grasses

by oglesby

Pictures2-001Why has interest in ornamental grasses grown rapidly over the last few years?  Simple, grasses can enhance the beauty of almost any garden almost anywhere with almost no maintenance.  In the garden they provide motion, texture, softness and color.  They blend in, fill in or standout and scream “Here I am!”  There are short ones, tall ones, small ones and really, really big ones. And if that’s not enough, during the season many of them reward you with beautiful plumes of feathery flowers.

So it’s simple, if you’re not growing ornamental grasses you should be and if you are then give Oglesby a try.  Most of the grasses we offer are produced directly from our own tissue culture laboratory and you will be amazed at their vigor and performance.  We also offer select ornamental grasses produced by division or seed to give you the varieties you need to be successful.  Call us…You won’t regret it!

Click here for varieties we currently offer.

Aug 10

Oglesby working with a different kind of STEM

by oglesby


Oglesby proudly participated in the 2013 Florida Learns STEM Scholars Project’s Talent Development Program for talented and gifted high school juniors and seniors.  The STEM Scholars Project encourages students to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering and Math by participating in a summer workplace experience with real world interactions at a STEM-related employer.

First, we freshened-up our science and math skills a little before the kids arrived then opened our doors and gave three exceptional students and their equally exceptional teacher the inside scoop on tissue culture propagation, young plant production and plant breeding.  We proved to them that you do use the math you learn in high school.  Yes, your teacher was right!

We encourage all STEM based employers to embrace this exceptional work-study program.  Mix a little of your time and effort with exceptional kids and you get the FUTURE.

Want to learn more?  Click here:  http://floridalearnsstemscholars.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/August-2013-STEM-Brief-Final2.pdf

May 21

Anthurium… Tropical color you can grow

by oglesby

Tropical color extraordinaire!

Anthurium gives and keeps on giving with beautiful long lived flowers in radiant colors.  A true tropical plant that likes to show off with a dazzling display of flowers and dark glossy foliage.

Who says tropical plants are just green!

Click here to take a look at our extraordinary line of Anthurium.

Feb 14

On-line purchasing

by oglesby

Introducing Instant Gratification.

Not enough time in the day? We can help!  Growers in the contiguous U.S. can now buy our high quality young plants directly from our web site, 24/7.  It as easy as:  Look, drool, click, buy.

Our web site is always updated with all of our newest products and latest information to help you find the right plant for your growing needs.  Once you have registered on our site, it’s an easy click to order and purchase our young plants.  We will quickly confirm your order, and before you know it, your shipment will arrive.  It’s convenient, safe and secure.

Isn’t instant gratification great!

Feb 02

Ferns, Ferns and more Ferns

by oglesby

Asplenium 'Crissie'

Looking to add “Wow!” to your fern assortment.

We have just added some great new ferns to our expanding assortment of tropical ferns. Take a closer look at our complete line of Asplenium or Bird’s Nest Ferns including the unique variety ‘Crissie’ (pictured), a classy version of an old favorite . Or Aglaomorpha coronans a tough fern with a bold new look.

If you are a Boston Fern grower you should be growing ‘Nevada’ pp14190,  the #1 Boston Fern variety  in the market today for good reason.   Check out these varieties along with all of our ferns HERE.