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Schefflera Amate®, Alpine Jr(tm) and Amate® Soleil(ppaf)

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Schefflera ‘Amate’®, ‘Alpine Jr.’tm and ‘Amate’® Soleilppaf are outstanding selections of the common Schefflera (Brassaia actinophylla).  Oglesby introduced Amate to the foliage industry over three decades ago and today it is well know as a reliable and traditional part of many foliage growers’ product line.  Alpine Jr. and Soleil are new introductions that add a new shape and a new color to this well established plant group.


The phenomenal demand for Oglesby’s ‘Amate’ is the result of superior cloned qualities not found in regular seed grown Schefflera.  Commercial growers appreciate Amates tolerance to Alternaria leaf spot and spider mites while interior landscapers have found that Amate’s bold, tough and naturally glossy leaves hold tightly even under low light interior environments. Whether grown in 8 inch pots or as large specimens, a properly grown Amate always has a uniform appearance with a natural, high gloss and deep green color.

‘Alpine Jr.’tm was derived from Amate and maintains all of its best characteristics.  Alpine Jr. has a distinct columnar shape with tight internodes and short petioles requiring less horizontal space allowing more plants per square foot of growing area and easier utilization as an interior plant.

‘Amate’® Soleilppaf was selected as TPIE 2011 “Most Unusual Plant Specimen”.  Soleil has bright chartreuse foliage that can quickly brighten up any interior space. Soleil maintains all of the great characteristics of the original Amate presented in a lively new color.


‘Amate’ is recommended for 8, 10 and 14 inch containers.  Growers usually elect to plant 1 to 2 young plants per 8 inch container, 3 plants per 10 to 12 inch container and 3 to 4 plants per 14 inch and larger container sizes.

‘Alpine Jr.’ is recommended for 6, 8 and 10 inch containers using 1 young plant per container.

‘Soleil’ is recommended for 6, 8 and 10 inch containers.  Plant 1 young plant per 6 inch, 2 plants per 8 inch container and 3 plants per 10 inch container.

Cultural Notes

Schefflera is generally an easy to grow crop as long as some simple guidelines are followed.  Please note that we present specific recommendations for ‘Amate’® Soleil where needed since some changes to your growing procedures may be required to be successful.

General cultural points to stress are timely crop spacing, well-drained soil mixes and proper nutrition. Like many crops, Schefflera can become thin, uneven and appear top heavy if not spaced at the proper time.  Root rot problems can occur when grown in heavy soil mixes and/or when plants are over watered either from irrigation or from frequent or heavy rains. As a moderate to fast grower, a complete fertilizer, including micro elements, needs to be steadily available. Growth rates can be reduced due to lack of nutrients, poor soil drainage and/or root restriction.


Potting media used for Schefflera must have good aeration, especially if plants are grown where they are subjected to rainfall.  Root loss may be extensive during rainy periods if soil oxygen levels are low.  Maintain pH between 5.8 and 6.5.  Iron toxicity, expressed as a brown mottling on older leaves can occur when media pH drops below 5.8.


Amate and Alpine Jr.: Grow and ship from light levels between 30 to 63% shade (3,000 to 6,000 foot candles).  Plants grown under higher light levels should be acclimated prior to shipping if intended for interior use.

Soleil: prefers lower light levels. 50-63% shade gives the best structure and enhances color.  When grown under high light conditions, Soleil leaves can develop necrotic spots especially in combination with warm temperatures.


High quality plants can be grown at the light levels recommended above with a 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer, such as 9-3-6 or 18-6-12 with micronutrients. Higher fertilizer levels will be necessary to produce plants of good quality if higher light levels are provided.  Do not apply supplemental micronutrients.


Amate and Alpine Jr.

Occasionally aphids may occur on new growth.  Apply Endeavour, Marathon, Orthene or Safari.

Alternaria Leaf Spot: Chipco, Compass, Pageant or Medallion.  Many times leaf spots appear to be associated with Aphid infestations.

Root rots (Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora) are generally associated with poor media drainage and/or overwatering:  Drench with RootShield or a Clearys + Subdue mixture.


Under some grower’s conditions we have noted that Soleil shows more sensitivity to chemical applications than Amate and Alpine Jr.  In general we recommend avoiding pesticides from emulsifiable formulations.

Aphids:  Apply Endeavour, Marathon or Safari.  Do not use Orthene (Acephate).

Alternaria Leaf Spot: Chipco, Compass, Pageant or Medallion.

Root rots (Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora) are generally associated with poor media drainage and/or overwatering:  Drench with RootShield or a Clearys + Subdue mixture.  Avoid drenches or heavy sprays with any fungicide containing dithiocarbamates such as Mancozeb.

Pesticides Phytotoxic Alert

We would like to alert commercial growers that the common insecticides listed below have shown phytotoxic problems on Schefflera ‘Amate’, ‘Alpine Jr’ and ‘Soleil’ under various growing conditions.  The main observed symptoms (see pictures) are “ring spots” on the leaves along with leaf deformity.  The severity of the symptoms can vary from mild to extreme.  We urge growers to use these chemicals with extreme caution…

  • Magnus  (active ingredient  Fenazaquin)
  • Shuttle (active ingredient Acequinocyl)
  • Sirrocco (active ingredient Bifenazate and Abamaectin
  • Kontos (active ingredient Spirotetramat)
  • Avid (active ingredient Abamaectin

This text is a recommendation only; it is not an endorsement of any products or acceptance of any liability as a result of usage.