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Blechnum Silver Lady®

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BLECHNUM ‘SILVER LADY’® – is an incredible selection of tissue cultured Blechnum brasiliense (dwarf tree fern).The beautiful symmetry and unique palm-like appearance of the light green fronds give this very distinct plant great marketing features. ‘Silver Lady’ grows extremely fast and is excellent for 5 inch to 10 inch containers, as well as use in moist tropical landscapes/atriums.


Immediately upon delivery, liners of ‘Silver Lady’ should be placed in a protected area, watered-in well and planted up as soon as possible. DO NOT ALLOW LINERS TO DRY OUT. THE YOUNG PLANTS ARE EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO DRYING OUT. Plant the liners deep, so that the rhizome is covered with soil; otherwise, the finished product might be ‘top-heavy.’


‘Silver Lady’ requires a light, well-drained mix. Good aeration as well as water-holding capacity are important. Mixes such as 50% peat, 30% bark, and 20% perlite, or a blend of 60% peat, 20% perlite, 15% styrofoam beads plus 5% vermiculite should perform well. Adjust pH to 5.6 to 6.2.


This fast-growing fern requires frequent feeding, but will not tolerate high salts. Initial fertilizations should be 70-90ppm N and K. After 3-4 weeks, when roots are well-developed, increase N to 150-200ppm (EC=1.0-1.5) with soil EC at 0.75-0.9. Fertilize two times a week when plants are young; increase to 3 to 4 applications per week after about 10-12 weeks.


Water is a most crucial factor in growth and development of ‘Silver Lady.’ After planting, keep potting mix evenly moist. A waterlogged mix will inhibit root growth. Do not let the mix dry out. When roots reach the bottom of the pot, the plant will achieve maximum growth rate and will require even more water. Allow for air movement between the plants to avoid condensation.


Plants grow well under a broad range of light conditions: 2500-6000 foot candles or 40 to 73% shade. Plants grown in brighter light will be more compact, harder and less susceptible to water stress.


The optimum temperatures for growing ‘Silver Lady’ are between 74 and 90 ° F. Temperatures below 68 ° F will slow the growth, but the plant will tolerate temperatures below 40 ° F for brief periods.


Aphids, caterpillars, slugs, scale, mealybugs.


After planting, keep pots close-packed for up to 8 weeks. Final spacing of 10” o.c. in 6” pots will allow a quality finished product in a remarkable 16 week crop time.


Be sure finished product is shipped with plenty of moisture. A drench with a wetting agent will minimize stress during shipment and on the retail shelf.

This text is a recommendation only; it is not an endorsement of any products or acceptance of any liability as a result of usage.