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Begonia Big(tm)

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‘BIG’™ Begonias – Extraordinarily different…

Begonia x benariensis F1 hybrid

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Technical Information

 Available Colors: Red with green leaf, Red with bronze leaf, Rose with bronze leaf

Life Cycle: Tender perennial that is winter hardy to USDA Zones 10-11. Annual elsewhere.

Exposure: Full sun to shade. Better flowering in full sun.

Garden/Large Container Height: 12-24” (30-60 cm)

Use: Pots, mixed containers, baskets and mass landscape plantings

Product Form: 72cp trays

Finish: Transplant plugs into finished containers. Grow on at 62°F (16°C) or higher. Fertilize at 150 ppm nitrogen weekly, watching to avoid excessive salt build-ups. High light conditions promote better branching and earlier flowering. Provide adequate space to allow for maximum branching.

Media: pH 5.5-6.6 for optimum plant growth and quality

Cultural Hints: Monitor for fungus gnats and/or shore flies and treat appropriately. Higher light levels and sufficient space are important for improved branching. Do not use Bonzi or Sumagic to control growth.

Crop Times: 

4” (10 cm) Pots Northern climates: 12-14 weeks; South: 10-12 weeks

Gallons: North: 14-16 weeks · South: 12-14 weeks

Baskets: North: 15-17 weeks · South: 13-15 weeks