Oglesby Plants International

Product Development

Oglesby is well known in the plant industry as a leader in the development and marketing of new plant varieties. We firmly believe that our industry needs a constant infusion of new and superior plants to help growers maintain profit margins and to keep the buying public interested in our products.

To ensure the continuous flow of new varieties, we have committed significant resources to our new product development department where we manage an extensive breeding program.  Every year we literally grow thousands of seedlings of numerous genera to find that one special and hopefully superior plant.  Our breeders are not only looking to improve the aesthetic quality of the plant but to improve disease and insect resistance that benefits the grower and consumer alike.  As an example, every new Anthurium we release is screened, with the help of the University of Florida for susceptibility to multiple strains of the bacteria Xanthomonas, a devastating disease in tropical and subtropical growing areas.  With this information we can help growers pick the right plant for their growing conditions.

But having a new plant is just the starting point where the real work begins.  Once a plant has been accepted into our program, our laboratory research department starts to develop tissue culture protocols to successfully propagate the new plant.  Once a few hundred plants are produced, all new plants go through an extensive testing program in diverse growing facilities and climates to gather as much information about the plant as possible.  On average it takes a minimum of five years to deliver a tested “new” variety to the market.

Some of our most popular introductions include Anthurium in the ‘SmallTalk’ ® series, Anthurium SalsaPAT#13608, Dieffenbachia ‘Splash’PPAF, Musa ‘Super Dwarf Banana’®, Philodendron Congo PAT#11724 and Rojo CongoPAT#14116, Schefflera ‘Amate’® , Spathiphyllum ‘Sensation’® PAT#6964, Spathiphyllum ‘High Five'(ppaf), Syngonium ‘Glo-Go’PAT#12282.  In recent years we have been diversifying our development efforts to include patio, garden and landscape plants like our new Mandevilla Tropical Breeze series.  A group of fast growing colorful tropical vines that have excellent tolerance to common insects and diseases common with older Mandevilla varieties.

You can expect to see many more exciting new introductions from Oglesby in the coming years…