Oglesby Plants International

Company Information

2tpietropicskirt_smallOglesby Plants International is well known in the ornamental plant industry as a leading supplier of high quality young plants for commercial growers around the world.  Since 1947, we  strive to give our customers the newest varieties, the highest quality plants and to be the most reliable young plant supplier in the industry.

The companies founder, Raymond P.  Oglesby was always on the cutting edge of plant propagation and in the mid 1970’s he started working with plant tissue culture.  As an early pioneer, Oglesby helped make plant tissue culture propagation a commercial reality as a reliable and efficient method for plant propagation.  Today, the legacy of Ray Oglesby continues with a vibrant company with over 90 dedicated employees who truly enjoy working with plants.

Here’s 5 Great reasons to purchase your young plants from Oglesby

  1. One of the worlds most experienced companies in plant tissue culture.
  2. Proven customer service and technical support before and after the sale
  3. Offering a wide selection of grower and market tested plant varieties, shipped worldwide
  4. Proven leader in the introduction of  new and improved varieties
  5. We are the experts with over 70 years of quality growing experience

Please click the links to the left to learn more about our Laboratory, Greenhouse, Product Development and our Sales Team.  You can also find information about where to find our products in finished sizes by clicking on the Wholesale Growers link.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.